Santa Cruz's Projects Portfolio

Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

The company holds more than 35 properties totaling more than 150,000 hectares distributed into 15 Exploration Projects strategically located at the unexplored gold and silver rich Geological Province of the Deseado Massif.

With Canadian junior “Latin Metals” we have the CERRO BAYO and LA FLORA projects under exploration agreement.

Deseado Massif

TCE Projects offered, beside Projects under Agreement. The Mines, advanced Projects, and less developed projects


For JV


CACHI Project is a very prospective area for vetiform mineralization of Au-Ag and the base metals. It consists of 3 concessions, totaling 17.300 hectares and is located at west area of Deseado Massif.

17,300 has

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ELISA Project is located in the central area of the Deseado Massif, it is composed of three claims totaling 13,800 has, situated near to the well-known Projects "La Esperanza", "La Valenciana" and "La Josefina"

13,800 has

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AYLEN Project with 2 properties and 5.500has its Ag-Au vein systems; it is located in the southwest of the Macizo del Deseado; next to the "Marta mine" (Patagonia Gold) and near of "Manantial Espejo mine" (Panamerican Silver).

Los Domos

Los Domos Project with more than 37.000 has. is located at northeast of Santa Cruz Province, in the Deseado Massif, in a very prospective area for disseminated Au mineralization "Bulk tonnage type"; into the knowed "Las Calandrias district“.

36,000 has

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Guayra y Alma Gaucha

Guayra and Alma Gaucha Projects are located in a very prospective district for the discovery of disseminated and vetiform GOLD – SILVER mineralization. Both Projects complete 15,000 hectares and are separated by only 1.2km.

15,000 has

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Dos Aguilas

The DOS ÁGUILAS Project, with 2 mining concessions “Águila Real” and “Águila Mora”, total about 10,000 hectares, are separated by about 7km. One of them is located just 5km from the “Don Nicolas” Mine in a district of great interest in precious metals.

10,000 has

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Pueblo Viejo

“Pueblo Viejo” Project with 3 properties are located in a highly prospective Au and Ag mineralization district and cover a total area of 14,600 hectares and the properties are separated by a few kilometers.

11,600 has

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El Macanudo

El Macanudo Project is an area of 10,000 hectares, which is located in the center-west of the Deseado Massif. The area has several scientific research works, since it is one of the largest sinter and travertine fields of Jurassic age, in the Deseado Massif.

10,000 has

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The ENZO Project is a prospective area for the discovery of Au and Ag mineralization. Has one mining concessions, totaling 3,500 hectares, located in the west area of the Deseado Massif.

3,500 has

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“Mentao” Project, with almost 4,700 hectares, is located in the center-east of the Deseado Massif; in one of the most prospective regions of this geological province. It's 15km away from the “La Paloma” sector of the “Don Nicolas” Mine, and 10km from the well-known Las Calandrias Project (450,000oz Au).

4,700 has

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“PACHI” Project, has an area of 30.000 hectares and is located in the west of the Deseado Massif; in one of the most prospective regions of this geological province. It is also only 20km from the “Joaquin mine” (Panamerican Silver) and also about 20km from the advanced project “La Josefina” (Patagonia Gold).

30,000 has

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PEDRO Project have 4.000 hectares and is in the southwest of the Deseado Massif, in one of the most prospective districts of the province

4,000 has

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The "Giancarlo" Project is an area of 10,000has located in the center-west region of the Deseado Massif. Much of the area was an old project of the cnia “Samco Gold”, called "Giancarla".

4,000 has

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Under SA

Cerro Bayo

CERRO BAYO Project have 8000 hectares and is located in the western part of the the Deseado Massif in a very prospective area for Au-Ag epithermal LS mineralization.

Latin Metals

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La Flora

La Flora Project have a claim of 6.000 has covering outcropping acidic volcanic rocks. It is located in the West of the Santa Cruz province, in the Deseado Massif, close to “Virginia Project”, (12Moz Ag - Mirasol Resources).

Latin Metals

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