Tres Cerros Exploraciones

An Argentinean Junior Exploration Company

Who We Are

“Tres Cerros Exploraciones”(TCE), an Exploration company of Argentine origin, whose members, all Mining Exploration Geologists, with many years of experience mainly in the Deseado Massif, in Santa Cruz province; in addition to the Cordillera and Precordillera of San Juan province.

Our Mission

The goal of “Tres Cerros Exploraciones” is the acquisition, exploration and development of highly prospective properties at different exploration stages and then make their offerings.

Our Team

TCE properties were identified and generated through an experienced team of Argentinean Senior Geologists, involved on the discovery and development of some of the most significant projects in the Deseado Massif, including Cerro Moro, Cerro Negro, Don Nicolas, Joaquin, Martha mines; and Virginia Project; and also with participation in the discoveries of Veladero, Gualcamayo and Casposo mines.

Meet The Team!